Full Service (Sparging, Fill, Cork, and/or Capsule, Label)                            $2.75                       

Label only                                                                                                           $1.50       

Line change                                                                                                        $40                          

Standby/hourly rate for delays                                                                       $150                       

Mileage (one way)*                                                                                           $1.00                       

Steam between wines                                                                                      $150

Code dating                                                                                                       $0.12 per case

Filters                                                                                                                  Market price

Minimum day charge                                                                                       $1,000

Out of town lodging**                                                                                     $75 (per night)


*Mileage- PWB has the right to adjust mileage accordingly to current diesel charges.

**Lodging charges apply if minimum daily charge is not met.


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